Final press conference 27.04.2017

On 27.04.2017 in hall No. 1 in the building of municipality Sredets, final press conference on project BG06-216 took place “Stable development via multicultural education – care for children in risk in “Sredets” Municipality, and the achieved results from the implementation of the activity were reported. The project is implemented within the frames of Component 2 “Children in risk” of Program BG06 “Children and young people in risk”, funded through the Financial mechanism of the European Economic space 2009-2014. The beneficiary on the project is municipality Sredets and its partner is – Association “Dialogue” from town Sredets.

The size of the grant is 249 986,00 EURO and the period for implementation is 18.07.2014-30.04.2017. Within the frames of the project, four opened procedures took place, one public invitation as per the LPP and contracts concluded with fifteen contractors. 

The basic objective of the project has been implemented:

Improving the state of the children in risk in Municipality Sredets who are of age from 3 to 6 years old, with an accent on the educational integration of children from vulnerable social groups, including of Roma origin.

Specific aims:

  • creation of stable environment for social adaptation and educational integration;
  • improving the level of pre-scholar preparation for the children from socially vulnerable groups;
  • ensuring of stable environment for supporting the disadvantaged parents;
  • avoiding the early school dropout among the youngest members of the society.

In the course of implementation of the project, two Roma mediators and fifteen teachers, educated as per Component 3 related to work in multicultural environment, actively participated in the work with parents and children.

Four facilitators proposed by the partner in the project, during a period of 10 months worked with children and parents, for stimulating the mutual acknowledgement of the parents and ensuring safe environment for discussing the priorities of the children and their families.

Two speech therapists and two psychologists conducted sessions with children from the five day care centers for ensuring proper emotional and language development of the children.

Norwegian experts in the field of children in risk visited the five day care centers within the frames of seven days, with the aim to present the good practices from the Kingdom of Norway. Mrs. Alknes prepared and presented analytical report about the work of the pedagogical and managing staff, in all day care centers included in the project. The report included recommendations about the improvement of the work for the integration of children in risk, after the completion of the activities related to the project.

The fence of day care center “Snezhanka” in town Sredets was restored, replacement of joinery in Day Care Center (DCC) “Barborino” town Sredets and in DCC v. Orlintsi was accomplished.

For the successful implementation of the multicultural workshops and the workshops for logic thinking and solving of conflicts with respect to the project, after public procurements by the LPP, 120 pairs of suits were supplied, 50 dolls as well as different auxiliary educational materials for the children. 10 desktops, 6 multifunctional devices and 9 CD players were purchased. They are distributed in the five day care centers and their branches. Especially for the project, bilingual site was developed, wherein periodically information is published about the progress of the project as well as photo material. The address of the internet site is

In connection with realized economies after the conducting of the public procurements as per LPP and a signed annex to contract No. D03-350/18.07.2014 the following new sub-activities were carried out:

 ● “Visit with educational purpose in the ‘Dolphinarium ‘ and the zoo park in Varna by 320 children, pedagogues and personnel;

 ● “Visit of ethnicities”;

 ● “Green week”;

 ● “Week of the traffic safety”;

 ●  Renewal of the joinery in DCC “Duga”, v. Debelt with branch DCC in Fakia.

At the end of December 2016 after the provided opportunity for submitting of the project proposal for additional activities, not covered by the project, the staff prepared and entered in the DGSFMPP in Sofia, proposal for new activities, together with the detailed budget. After their approval, the Mayor of municipality Sredets, Eng. Ivan Zhabov concluded a new Annex to contract No. D03-350/18.07.2014.

In the frames of the approved additional activities 280 children together with pedagogues and support staff from the five day care centers, visited the Aerospace center with planetarium in SOC Kamchia.

During four days the Puppet Theater from Yambol presented eight performances for children in the day care centers and their branches.

During the last month from the project activities, replacement of inside doors was made as well as reparation of the bathroom in DCC “Duga”, v. Debelt, branch in v. Fakia was conducted. 

Experts from department “Foreign European Program” with the DGSFMPP in the Ministry of education and science, who were guests in the event, expressed their gratitude to Mr. Ivan Zhabov and to the staff, by assessing with high grade the implementation of the activities in the project and the achieved results with the implementation of the assigned targets.