Sredets municipality organized a "Day of the Ethnos"

On 30/11/2016, at cultural community center "Probuda 1897" town Sredets was held "Day of the Ethnos". The activity is part of the implementation of Activity 2 "Activities for integration of children at risk, including Roma children" project BG06-216 "Sustainable development through multicultural education - care for children at risk in the municipality of Sredets" Component 2 "Children in risk "Program BG06" Children and youth at risk ", financed by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014.

On the stage of the community center children sang, danced, recited poems. Participated in fun games and competitions organized by professional animators. At the end of the feast, the children painted 30 meter painting titled "Friendship has no color." Kindergartens and all kids in the project activities have received wonderful gifts.