An expert in the field of children at risk, representative of Bulgarsk-Norsk Forening from Oslo, Kingdom of Norway, was on a work visit in Municipality of Sredets between 03/04/2016 and 09/04/2016.
The visit was realized in connection with the implementation of an activity under project BG06-216 “Sustainable development through multicultural education – support for children at risk in Municipality of Sredets”, Component 2 “Children at Risk” of Programme BG06 “Children and Youth at Risk”, funded by European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014.

For seven days, Mrs. Mariana Alknes has been holding meetings with the Mayor of Municipality of Sredets, Eng. Ivan Zhabov, project management team, children activity coordinators, Roma school mediators and pedagogues. Every day, under a preliminary schedule, she attended and observed with great interest intercultural workshops in each of the five kindergartens, included in the project.

The expert was able to both get a closer look at the activities under the project, their organization and effect on the target groups and present good practices for integration of children at risk aged 3-6 years old from the Kingdom of Norway, which could be applied in the kindergartens in the municipality.

After the end of the visit, Mrs. Alknes will present an analytic report regarding the work of the educational and managing personnel of all kindergartens, included in the project, taking into account the project activities and project objectives.

The report will include an assessment of the adequacy of the project activities considering the particular environment in Municipality of Sredets, an assessment of the contents and efficiency of the conducted workshops in the kindergartens, and a list of recommendations for improving the work for integration of children at risk after the end of the project.