Upon completion of the visit of an expert from the Kingdom of Norway to children at risk at five kindergartens in the performance of a contract №D731 / 04.02.2016 signed between the municipality of Sredets and Mrs. Mariana Evgenieva Alknes on 17.05.2016, an Analytical report on the work of teaching and managerial staff involved in the project kindergartens was submitted and approved.

Ms. Alknes highly assessed the adequacy of the project activities and the efficiency of the workshops.

Comparing the workload of her colleagues in Norway with that of her colleagues from kindergartens in the municipality of Sredets, Ms. Alknes stated its wish to make a donation in order to ease to some extent the work of the assistant educators. The donor’s will was for three washing machines - one for the Kindergarten "Snow White", town of Sredets, two for the Kindergarten "Barborino", town of Sredets and one refrigerator for the Kindergarten "Rainbow", village of Debelt, to be purchased, totaling BGN 2,000.00.

The donation was accepted by the directors of kindergartens - Mrs. Svetlana Cholakova Mrs. Zlatina Marincheva and Mrs. Maria Kiryakova.

The Mayor of the Sredets Municipality - Eng. Ivan Zhabov, handed the donation testimony to the donor, expressing his gratitude and hope for joint cooperation in the future.