Final pressconference

On April 18, 2016, at community center "Probuda 1897" town Sredets held a final press conference under project BG06-216 “Sustainable development through multicultural education – support for children at risk in Municipality of Sredets”, which were recorded the results of activities.

The project is implemented within the framework of Component 2: Children at Risk of Programme BG06: Children and Youth at Risk, funded by European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014. Municipality of Sredets is beneficiary under the project and its partner is Dialogue Association.

The amount of the grant is  € 225328. Until now were conducted four open procedures, one public call PPL and contracts with ten performers have absorbed 184 402.03 euros. In connection with savings of 40 925.97 euros. Municipality of Sredets has asked for the implementation of additional activities for up to 31.12.2016.

Achieved the main goal of the project:
Improvement of the wellbeing of children at risk in Municipality of Sredets aged 3-6 years, with a focus on the educational integration of children from vulnerable social groups, including Roma.

and specific objectives:
- Creating a sustainable environment for social adaptation and educational integration;
- Improve the level of pre-school education for children from vulnerable social groups;
- Providing a stable environment to support disadvantaged parents;
- The avoidance of early school leaving among the youngest members of the community.

In the course of the project, two Roma mediators and fifteen teachers trained under Component 3 to work in a multicultural environment, actively participated in the work with parents and children.
Four facilitators proposed by the project partner, worked for 10 months with children and parents to stimulate the mutual recognition of parents and providing a safe environment to discuss the priorities of children and their families.

Two speech therapists and two psychologists working with children from five kindergartens to ensure proper emotional and language development of children.

Place to visit Norwegian expert on children at risk in order to promote good practice by the Kingdom of Norway and drafting an analytical report regarding the work of the educational and managing personnel of all kindergartens, included in the project, taking into account the project activities and project objectives, including recommendations for improving performance integration of children at risk after the project.

Restore to fence Kindergarten "Snow White" town Sredets and reconstruction the windows in Kindergarten "Barborino" Sredets and Kindergarten in the village of Orlintsi.

For the successful implementation of intercultural workshops and workshops for logical thinking and conflict resolution project after conducting a procurement under PPL delivered 120 units Costumes, 50 pcs dolls and various auxiliary educational materials for children. Were purchased 10 pcs. Desktop PC, 5 pcs.  Multifunction Devices and 9 pcs.  CD Players. They are divided into five kindergartens and subsidiaries them. Under project was created website, which is posted on the progress of the project and pictures. The address of the website is

Upon receipt of an annex to the contract №D03-350 / 18.7.2014, at Activity 2 "Activities for integration of children at risk, including Roma children" will be performed four new sub-activities:
 1. "A visit to "Dolphinarium-Varna and Zoo Park;
 2. "Meeting of ethno;
 3. "Green Week";
 4. "Week of traffic safety."

In Activity 3 "Restoration and public works and equipment" provided replacement of windows and buying multifunction device in Kindergarten "Rainbow" village Debelt - affiliate village Fakia.