About project

Project BG06-216 “Sustainable Development through Intercultural Education – Care for Children at Risk in Municipality of Sredets”, Component 2 “Children at Risk” of Program BG 06 “Children and Youth at Risk”, funded by European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, Contract No. Д03-350 of 18.07.2014

Beneficiary: Municipality of Sredets
Partner under the Project: NGO “Diagol”, city of Sredets
Project value: EUR 249 986
Starting date: 18.07.2014
Deadline: 30.04.2017

Basic objective of the project:

Improvement of the wellbeing of children at risk in Municipality of Sredets aged 3-6 years, with a focus on the educational integration of children from vulnerable social groups, including Roma.

•    Individual consultations by pedagogues to parents of Roma children
•    Intercultural and logical workshops in January and February 2015
•    Field work of Roma school mediators for introducing the community to the project activities.