“Additional project activities for the period 01.01.2017-30.04.2017“

1. Roma mediators. Thanks to the opportunity for continuing the activities, related to the project for 4 more months – as of 01.01.2017 until 30.04.2017 the Roma mediators shall continue including actively the children from the day care centers, who have recently become 3-years of age, as well as their families. Part of the new activities shall be specifically addressed to the latter and shall represent possibility for rendering of favorable influence on the process of their inclusion to the methods of working in the day care centers. 

2.  Assistance from psychologists and speech therapists. Very good results have been achieved from the work of the speech therapists and the psychologists, who during a period of 18 months covered 75 children, who have fallen into the focus of the pedagogues. During the complementary four months they shall continue to include new children, who are in need of logopedic and psychologic assistance.                                                                                               

 3. Visit to an observatory. Following the good example of the conducted during year 2016 visit with educational objective to town Varna and the surrounding region, the day care centers’ staff suggesting implementation of another similar visit – this time to the astronomic observatory in Kamchia. This will contribute to the expansion of the children taken care of in the day care centers outlook, whereas this will be both amusing and efficient method for encouraging their wish to be educated. The visits shall be implemented by buss, similarly to the utilized and successfully realized model from the visits to Varna during year 2016.

4. Visit by Puppet Theater. It is of particular importance for the continuing inclusion of the newly accepted children in the day care centers (or children who have started their education in the day care centers earlier and are just coming of age suitable for their becoming part of target group in the project), whereas we envisage to strengthen again the additional activities, taking place in the day care centers. The environment there is easy to be controlled and it would allow the children to feel the childcare facilities closer to them and more entertaining. For this purpose we shall invite the puppet theater from town Yambol, which during 4 days shall go around and perform in each day care center included in the project. The performances shall touch issues, related to friendship, tolerance and understanding, submitted in a way that is adequate for the project’s target group.

5. Reparatory activities. With the opportunity to receive additional funding for the period from January until April 2017 we intend to continue the good practice for improving the environment in which the children are being educated. For their better development and improving the degree of integration, of importance is still not only the educational approach of the pedagogues, but also the conditions in which the children spend their time. Due to this reason we foresee to perform additional building and assembly works (BAW) on the territory of the day care’s center branch “Duga” – branch in village Fakia, pursuant to the Bill of Quantities.

6. Project management. Management and coordination of the project, including planning, organization, implementation and reporting on the project activities shall be accomplished by a coordinator and accountant in the project. The technical assistant shall make translations of the documents from and to English and shall assist the coordinator and the account in the preparation of the technical and financial reports to the program operator.