Ensuring the participation of Roma parents and families in the process of integration of their children

The participation of parents of Roma children as well as of the whole families in the process of integration and education is of primary significance for accomplishing the objectives and tasks of the project proposal.

The first project activity is based on a three-level strategy that ensures the participation of the interested parties in the project activities. The first stage will be the field work of two Roma mediators, who will be officially employed in the municipality. They will guarantee that Roma communities are well aware of the project activities and want to take part in the initiatives and events that are to be held during the other stages of the activity. The Roma mediators will constantly observe the Roma community opinion regarding the activities and they will report it back to the team, in charge of the project management. If necessary, the Roma mediators will initiate door-to-door campaigns so that each family with children in the target group would be well informed about its opportunity to take part in these activities.

The second stage will include parents and children in specific educational sessions, focused on strengthening the parent-child connection, on one hand, and stimulating the educational perspectives of Roma children, on the other hand. Two different parts of 10 sessions each, facilitated by psychologists, will be held during the second stage of the activity. The first part of the sessions will be focused on Roma parents and children, while the other sessions will include parents and children from both the Bulgarian and the Roma community, who attend the kindergartens in Sredets and the region. These activities will stimulate mutual recognition of the parents and will ensure a secure environment for discussing the priorities of children and their families. Well-trained psychologists, offered by the partner organization, will facilitate the process of the sessions and will offer a number of activities to stimulate the discussions and make parents and children want to be a part of the school system, preserving their specific cultural identity at the same time.

During the third stage, the kindergarten pedagogues will allow the parents to hold individual sessions to jointly discuss the motivation of their children, the results from the integration activities as well as the possible tasks, which could additionally contribute to the development of the children at home. The Roma mediators will have a significant role in this stage since they will talk to the parents of the target group children and will motivate them to take part in these personal conversations with the pedagogues.