Reconstruction and Public Works and Equipment

The construction sites, provided for by Municipality of Sredets, are mainly public works for windows and fences. For Kindergarten No. 1 “Snezhanka”, the project plans reconstruction of the existing fence, which, according to data of the Commission, provided according to Article 196 of the Urban Planning Act, is a danger to passers-by and to the children, who visit the kindergarten. The bricks of the fence are destroyed; there are visible vertical cracks and missing parts in some of the corners and on the sidewalks.

Kindergarten "Snow White", before starting the construction works

In “Barborino” Kindergarten as well as in the full-day Kindergarten in the village of Orlintsi, the project plans removal of the old windows and fitting new PVC ones. The existing windows in “Barborino” have not been replaced since 1983, when the main building has been constructed. The project provides for purchasing PCs and multifunctional devices for all five kindergartens as well as CD players. Currently, only 2 kindergartens in Sredets have a PC, which is used mainly by the directors for administrative purposes. Kindergartens in villages have no such equipment at all.

Indicator: completed public works and purchased equipment. Objective – reconstruction of fence, replacement of windows in two kindergartens, purchased equipment.

"Children from Kindergarten" Snow White "are happy with completely reconstructed fence of the kindergarten