Information and Publicity

The activity for information and publicity includes all guarantees for promotion of the project to the general public and transparency of the financial support of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014.

For the purposes of the project, a special bilingual website will be developed. It will be constantly updated with newest information about the project and the status of its realization and it will serve as a database for documentation and educational materials, developed for children. Different types of visual materials, such as photos and videos, as well as text materials will be timely uploaded.
The process of realization will be supervised by the local media on a regular basis. Press releases will be prepared and distributed prior to each public event. The media will also be invited to make photos and videos and to write articles during the process of realization of the different activities – sessions with children and parents, workshops, activities for integration in school.

The project will be promoted to Roma parents during the visits and meetings with the mediators and pedagogues. The leaflets, created in order to reach the parents, will also provide more information regarding the project and its activities.

The two basic information events will be held during the first and second year of the project realization. The first event will be held after the beginning of the intercultural workshops for children and the sessions for children and parents. Representatives of the municipality, pedagogues, the partners and specialists, involved in the project, will attend this event.

The second information event will be held during the second part of the workshops for children. It will be attended by pedagogues, representatives of the municipality and the partner. Both conferences will be intensively reported by the media.

A special public event (theater performance) will be included during realization of the workshops for children. The event (theater performance) will create environment for gathering all external target groups of the project – children, parents, pedagogues, NGO representatives, members of the local community, representatives of the municipality.