Project Management

Municipality of Sredets will take charge of the overall management and coordination of the project, including planning, organization, realization, and reporting of the project activities. The municipality will be responsible for the schedule of the individual projects and available resources as well as for ensuring publicity and informing the general public about the progress of the different stages of the project.

The team of managers consists of a project manager, coordinator, accountant, and technical associate. The role of the project manager will be:

  • To provide general management and supervision of the realization of the project activities;
  • To draft and keep the project documentation;
  • To ensure proper realization to the schedule and adherence to the project conceptual design.

    The project coordinator will be in charge of the operative management of the activities, directed by the project manager and he/she will ensure their proper and quality realization. The project accountant will be in charge of accounting the realization of the activities in terms of their funding. The technical associate will assist the management and the coordinator for translation of the document from and into English and he/she will provide assistance for drafting the technical and financial reports to the program operator.

We ensure that the monitoring of the ongoing realization of the project activities is realized by means of visits by the team of managers to each of the five kindergartens. This includes travels from Sredets to the neighboring towns and villages in the municipality. The managerial activity also provides for work under the coordination activities of the partner organization.

Indicator: implemented internal project management system and audit trails + submission of the reports from the important events to the municipal council.

The team in charge of the project management provides monitoring supervision in the five kindergartens under a schedule. The purpose of this monitoring is to make conclusions and recommendations on the degree of readiness for realization of the project activities, based a questionnaire, filled by pedagogues, parents and Roma mediators.