Dialog Association, city of Sredets, was incorporated with Decision of Burgas District Court dated 20 April 2011. It was registered in the Central Registry of Non-profit Legal Entities, designated for public benefit under No. 20110705003 with Certificate of the Ministry of Justice No. 003/05.07.2011, Sofia.

Dialog Association’s goal is to find, analyze, and help solving problems related to the development of the civil society in Bulgaria, respectively in municipality of Sredets, social integration, conducts policy in the field of education, employment, career development, healthcare, protection of general human, civil, social, and cultural rights, European integration, innovations, ecology, sport, culture, and arts, fight against discrimination.

The main beneficiaries are young people in municipality of Sredets, representative of vulnerable groups and representatives of ethnic minorities.
Members of the organization are people, employed in the educational, social, and legal field of business, active representatives of the civil society in Sredets. Members of the General Meeting have proven experience in the realization of infrastructural projects and people-to-people projects, funded by different EU grants – operational programs, structural funds and other donation programs.

Province: Burgas
Municipality: Sredets
City: Sredets
PO: 8300
1a Lilyana Dimitrova Str.

Rositsa Petkova Peycheva